Our Purpose


TOOSON MEDIA GROUP is a sizeable Christian television network and soon-to-be-most-watched faith-and-family channels. Its Owner, John Tooson, IV, and co-founders CFO Joseph W. Sopher, Sr. and President Terri L. Bea-Sopher 2020 operate the network with unquestioned faith and global vision. TMG looks forward to achieving a global reach, entering every home in the world with inspirational, entertaining, and life-changing programming twenty-four hours a day.

TMG plans to provide unmatched programs. TMG will air the very best in faith and family-friendly content for every age group. TMG'S innovative program lineup includes pastors, Bible teachers, and Christian leaders. We offer exclusive news, current events, and documentary programs; award-winning content for children, teens, and young adults; wholesome movies the whole family will enjoy worship conferences from around the world.

TMG is constantly advancing, with top-rate technology to reach more viewers worldwide, along with programming that entertains, inspires, and change lives through God's message of hope and grace. These life-impacting programs are available on mobile apps that bring TMG networks into your home from its online platform. TMG NETWORKS (PGN AND CHRYSOREIGN TELEVISION) are available on television, smartphones, iPads, and tablets anywhere in the world. TMG will soon be the standard-bearer for faith-and-family broadcasting.